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Half-Breed Discrimination : Fell into the criminal lifestyle in China because the local gangs were the only people who would accept him despite his half-Japanese heritage. Consummate

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All Suave Hair Care, rR: 2 wyb 2, buy (2) Shampoo/Conditioners priced. Bashas Thank You card allows you to get sales prices and deals at Bashas stores.

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south tex organics coupon

media filter bed. Box 1239 Blue Hill, ME 04614 Phone: Fax: m LSR Technologies, Inc. Biocide A chemical used to inhibit or control the population of troublesome microbes. Heterotrophic plate count (HPC) A laboratory method of determining the level of heterotrophic bacteria in a sample. BI-chem Surfactant degradation product by Sybron Chemicals, Biochemical Division. Basic water requirement (BWR) The amount of water required by humans for drinking, sanitation, bathing, and cooking needs to meet a minimum quality of life, and generally considered to be 50 liters per day per person. Pohc See"principal organic hazardous constituent (pohc). Crystal A homogenous chemical substance that has a definite geometric shape with fixed angles between its faces, having distinct edges or faces. Box AC Almelo, The Netherlands Phone: Fax: m USFilter/Schumacher Filters.O.

Head (1) A measure of the pressure exerted by a fluid expressed as the height of an enclosed column of the fluid which could be balanced by the pressure in the system. Clay liner A layer of low permeability soil added to the bottom and sides of an earthen basin for use as a disposal site or pond to limit infiltration to the underlying rock and soil strata. Roto-Trols Pressure operated pump controller by Healy-Ruff.

Ultraviolet light (UV) Light rays beyond the violet region in the visible spectrum, invisible to the human eye. Arna Ultraviolet disinfection system by Arlat, Inc. Sea Screen Seawater filtration system by Baker Hughes Process Systems. 2001 by CRC Press LLC quench tank A water-filled tank used to cool incinerator residues or hot materials during industrial processes. Quot; Gore-Tex Microporous membrane material.L. Louis, MO Phone: Fax: m National Seal. Standard Methods Common abbreviation for the reference book Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, widely used in water and wastewater testing and analysis, and published jointly by apha, awwa, and WEF. City of Commerce, CA 90022 Phone: Fax: Orival, Inc. Vortair Low speed surface aerator by Infilco Degremont, Inc. Lignin An organic substance that forms the chief part of wood tissue. Stratosphere The level of the atmosphere containing most of the earth's ozone that lies between the troposphere and the mesosphere.

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